Questions and Answers

For sure. This is our most comprehensive and flexible program. Depending on your existing marketing, your competitive landscape, and other factors, MSP Accelerator will be structured for your best results. Maybe you’re brand new to a channel like search engine optimization, but more advanced in email marketing. Our step-by-step “Marketing Roadmap” has you covered. We’ll meet you exactly where you are and grow together from there.

“One to One” means you have our full attention! We establish lasting relationships with our clients, collaborate and communicate, to achieve the best results and experiences.

No, we’re quite the opposite. We provide custom marketing for your business.

Not necessarily. You want to set your foundation so you can be successful sooner, and in the years ahead. It’s important to understand your competition, differentiator, core message, and know who makes an ideal customer, before ever trying to market and generate leads, even if you decide to go it alone. Our Total Online Presence Audit and Local Edge Program pages explain how to surpass the competition and make more sales.

When you hire a certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, you get years of ever-evolving marketing experience at your fingertips. You gain access to a proven process that has worked for clients of all sizes over and over again. The Duct Tape Marketing Consultant goes through rigorous training that ensures they are the best at the marketing game. Over one hundred consultants worldwide serve as a sounding board for your consultant, with connections, ideas, and feedback to get every client the best results.

Both the MSP Accelerator and Local Edge programs require a 6-month minimum term, both to show positive results and to meet software provider requirements.

That won’t be necessary.  However, we will need a point person to communicate with and to share our progress.


We’ve got you covered on all the backend software.  However, you may need to subscribe to some software specific to your business.  Those may be free, free to a certain usage limit, or paid.  We’ll let you know which pertain to your business and your plan. 

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