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How To Differentiate Your MSP (and why you must)

January 30, 20242 min read

In a recent post, we discussed the power of differentiating your Managed IT Services firm, resulting in new sales opportunities and strong client relationships. Today, let’s dive into some of the very best ways to do that.


As described by Seth Godin in “Purple Cow,” and Steve Miller in "Uncopyable," standing out is not just a strategy but a necessity. Let’s explore how you can differentiate your business in ways that are not just effective but also deeply connect with your clients' needs and aspirations.


🎯 Niche Specialization

  • Focusing on specific industries or types of businesses allows you to offer specialized expertise. This makes you the go-to expert in that niche, providing an indispensable service to your prospects and clients.


🕒 Flexible Support Schedule

  • Offering wide availability demonstrates a commitment to reliability and responsiveness. This reassures clients that you're always there for them, ready to tackle any issue at any time.


🔍 Ongoing IT Gap Audits

  • Regular gap audits are crucial in identifying and rectifying potential vulnerabilities. This proactive approach not only safeguards your clients but also presents new opportunities to offer your expertise.


💰 Flexible Pricing and Service Models

  • By accommodating different budgets and needs with various models, you show an understanding of the diverse circumstances your clients navigate. This flexibility makes your services accessible to a broader range of businesses.


🌐 Local Community Engagement

  • Engaging with local communities and businesses isn't just good PR; it's about building genuine relationships. A strong local presence establishes trust and a sense of belonging among your clients.


🔗 Partnerships with Businesses Sharing Your Target Market

  • Partnering with businesses that share your target market enhances your service offerings and credibility. It also opens numerous sales opportunities, creating a symbiotic ecosystem where everyone benefits.


📜 Compliance and Regulatory Expertise

  • Specializing in compliance and regulatory standards relevant to client industries is invaluable. This expertise not only helps clients navigate complex landscapes but also positions you as a knowledgeable and trusted ally.


🌍 Multilingual Support

  • Offering support in multiple languages is more than a service feature; it's a statement of inclusivity and global reach. This broadens your potential client base and demonstrates a commitment to serving a diverse clientele.


❤️ Client Appreciation Events

  • Hosting client appreciation events is a powerful way to create shared experiences, show gratitude, and build stronger relationships.


Differentiating your Managed IT Services business is about understanding and aligning with your clients' needs, values, and aspirations. If I can help make your IT service a beacon of innovation, trust, and unparalleled support, let me know! 🌟


-Kevin 🚀


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