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5 Top Reasons to Differentiate Your MSP

January 30, 20242 min read

In the crowded “Me Too” world of Managed IT Services, differentiation isn't just a strategy, it’s a necessity. It’s a means to thrive!

After 20 years as an MSP owner and marketer, it’s become easier to guess the troubles of a slow-growing MSP. There’s little that compels referrals. Cold sales opportunities are super hard to close. Many MSPs struggle to draw in their ideal clients, often settling for those less so. Selling your services is tough when the offerings seem identical to everyone else's. And the one that may sting most: Closing a sale often means charging less than the competition.

So, here are 5 of my top reasons why standing out isn’t just beneficial but essential for your business:

🌟  5. Long-Term Client Relationships: By offering unique, tailored services, you foster deeper, long-term relationships with clients. Unique services lead to higher client satisfaction and loyalty, as clients appreciate the distinct value you provide.

🌟  4. Referral Power: When you're distinct, satisfied clients are more likely to refer you, leveraging the power of word-of-mouth.  Referrals achieve a 70% close rate, while colder sales often hover around 25%.  Are you seeing the same?

🌟  3. Competitive Edge: If you specialize, you’re not just another IT guy; your differentiation will make you the guru for your chosen industry.  This makes you irreplaceable.

🌟  2. Premium Pricing Justification: Unique services allow for premium pricing, as clients are willing to pay more for specialized, high-quality service.

🌟  1. Sales Come Easier: You’ve made yourself the best-fitting MSP for your market. How can’t you be the obvious choice? Continue to adapt and exclude your competition!

Create a business that is forward-thinking and deeply connected to its clients. Embrace uniqueness and watch your business bloom. 🌸

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-Kevin 🚀

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© Copyright 2023. MSP Growth Partners. All rights reserved.