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MSP Growth Partners gets results for MSPs serious about growing their businesses.

We make phones ring; but then we have a competitive advantage. We were MSPs, too!

I’m Kevin, our founder and lead marketer. I’m super excited to be helping MSPs strategize and grow … and avoiding the troubles and mistakes that have held us all back at times.

I gained my MSP experience over 20 years as an owner, marketer, and a salesperson. I was even a networking guy at the start. We were eventually acquired by a larger Nasdaq technology firm, but I continued on as VP of Sales and Business Development, helping to double the MSP division’s revenue in 3 short years.

Since, I’ve formed MSP Growth Partners and proudly certified as a member of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network, a worldwide group of more than a hundred amazingly talented and collaborative experts. This is a network led by John Jantsch, author of the Duct Tape Marketing series of books, and certainly one of the great marketers of the past three decades.

Today, I look forward to sharing all we’ve learned about growing MSPs, the best of countless campaigns and millions of dollars in MSP contracts, plus the Duct Tape Marketing system … with you!

I hope we can talk soon! 🤝



Kevin is one of the kindest and most caring people I have ever met, and I know that this translates directly into Kevin's business and how he deals with clients, vendors and employees. Kevin is super-knowledgable, knows the industry very well, and will always do what's best for his client. Hands down, he's the guy you want to have on your team working with you!
Brian Guenther
Kevin Snyder is a reliable informative and knowledgeable man. He has always been willing to help and quick to pick up the phone or call you back. In this day of “all business” personalities, Keven is refreshing and kind regardless of his success.
Kevin has an excellent grasp of what makes both a company, and IT work. His enthusiasm for effective solutions matched by his discipline makes Kevin great at linking IT to business value. I've worked with Kevin for years and I find his ideas energizing and refreshing.
Joe Conklin
Kevin is so great to work for because you never really feel like you are working for him, but with him. He has great respect for all his employees which encourages them all to feel at ease and motivates them to be and do their best. Kevin is very talented, creative, hardworking and extremely thorough while at the same time always kind, considerate and patient with a great sense of humor which is why he gets along so well with all our clients and has had great relationships with them for many years.
Kathy Tuno
I've known Kevin Snyder for several years, initially as a client when I was with Cogent Growth Partners. In working with Kevin, I was impressed with his customer focus and overall knowledge of the IT Services industry. Kevin is a straight-shooter, and is always willing to share his insights (which are considerable). Over the years since I worked with Kevin, I have come to admire his perspectives, knowledge and impact on his business. He always seems to have a good pulse on the industry, and uses that knowledge to make ProductiveTech a positive, progressive force in the industry.
Michael Halperin
The Recommendation window for LinkedIn asks you to select three of the following that best describe Kevin: Great Results, Personable, Expert, Good Value, On Time, High Integrity, Creative, Kevin is all of these things to the Nth degree, moreover, he makes you feel like family. The normal routine of a vendor trying to make the most money from every client and customer trying to negotiate for the best price from the vendor, just doesn't come into play with him. He is honest and fairly priced (even inexpensive by comparison). If he makes a recommendation on something that needs to be done, he has your best interest in mind... not his bottom line. How refreshing!!!
Paul Szkotak
I have been associated with Kevin for several years as part of a peer group that shares best practices with each other in the filed of technology services with the goal of becoming great companies. Kevin has a passion for being the best he can be and to make his company the best it can be to help their clients. I would recommend that you take the time to speak to him. You will benfit from his willingness to help.
Tom Zarrella
I could have checked every item in the list and still have plenty of superlatives to attribute to Kevin Snyder. Since first hiring him to help with our computer network, we have trusted him and his company to help us grow by managing our computer needs. Kevin has taken us through several moves, into ever expanding offices and ever expanding needs. We consider Kevin and his company a part of our own team, and as a businss owner who depends on excellent service as well as excellent pricing, I would recommend Kevin Snyder and his company without any reservations.
Peggy Goldman

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